This Cannot Be Happening

I love you. I’m starting to get the vibe that you broke my coffee table to see how I would handle having my heart broken. I’ll just say not well. It’s really quite hard because I care so much and I know you do to. I don’t want this. I feel like we have so much going for us, but I don’t want to push you into something you don’t want and for you to end up resenting me for it. In the end I just really want you to be happy. I just hope it is with me. I feel like you have a lot of stuff to work out. Should you do that and reevaluate how you feel and maybe figure out I am not a deterrent to happiness but a helpful figure in it than maybe this is not the end. In case you were curious, as broken as I feel I don’t regret it all. The love and experiences I have shared with you trump the heartache. I do wish I had some more time with you simply because I love you and care so much. I hope you can find yourself and find that you still want me. You have just been such a huge factor and piece of my life and I’m not ready to let you go, in fact I don’t know if I ever will be. You always said that I would be the one finished with you first. Unfortunately I guess that isn’t true. Just try to remember that “happiness only real when shared.” -Chris McCandless

Love from your Bug


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